Los tipos de labores de construcción, instalación, reconstrucción y renovación, Torrent y Valencia Строительство ремонт дома в Торренте и Валенсии Construction and Repair in Valencia

Construction and Repair

A professional builder with 20-year experience offers his construction services in Torrent and Valencia. Experience in construction private houses, multi-storey houses, industrial buildings, car tunnels and metro stations.

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Types of construction, repair, installation and renovation works.

Wooden structures

Wooden structures

Carpenter services
Any wooden structures
Roof truss system
Terrace construction
Fencing of terrace and balcony
Canopies for cars and the house
Garden wooden pergolas
Wooden fence

Concrete structures

Concrete structures

Rebar concrete worker services
Installation and dismantling of formwork
Pouring of concrete
Foundation construction
Concrete floor pouring
Wall concreting
Monolithic floors
Concrete stairs
Construction of concrete pools

Universal fence

Universal fence

Construction and repair of fences
Welded metal fences
Brick fences
Wooden fences
Installation of a mesh fence
Installation of automatic gates
Sliding gate
Swing gates
Gate installation

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Construction Foundation


Construction of a concrete foundation for a substation.

Construction Floors


Pouring a concrete floors for industrial buildings.

Construction Road Tunnel


Concrete fortification of a road tunnel crown.

Construction Metro station


Concreting walls and ceilings at the metro station.

Construction staircase


Construction of a concrete monolithic staircase in the building.

Concrete pad


A concrete base for technological equipment.

Roof construction


Roof construction, installation of the rafter system.



A wooden awning - pergola which is attached to the house.



Automatic sliding gates and wooden fence with a wicket gate.

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